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3. 4. 2024 - Pavol Humeník

12 best of the world junior ball-hockey teams, are coming this year to the Žilina!

At the beginning of July 2024, the attention of ball-hockey officials and fans will focus mainly on Junior World Championships, which will take place in Slovakia, in the city of Žilina.

From 4th to 7th of July, this regional city will welcome the best ball-hockey players in the world, in categories under 16 and under 18 years of age.

There will be 12 teams from 7 countries participating, which is a small change from last year championship in Liberec, where were 13 teams from 6 countries – 8 teams in U16 and 5 teams in U18 category.

Last year championship final standing reminder 2023 Liberec Czech Republic:

U16: 1. Czech Rep. Red; 2. Canada West; 3. USA; 4. Slovakia; 5. Canada East; 6. Czech Rep. White; 7. Switzerland; 8. Great Britan

U18: 1. Czech rep; 2. Slovakia; 3. Canada; 4. USA; 5. Switzerland

Unlike the championship in Liberec, we will see 6 teams in each category in Žilina.

Czech Republic is to defend title in both categories. Probably they will have a bigger chance in U16 as they have two teams.

There will be these participants in Žilina per category:

U18: Canada; USA; Great Britan; Switzerland; Czech Republic; Slovakia

U16: Canada; USA; Hungary; Czech Republic 1.; Czech Republic 2.; Slovakia

It’s not new at these junior championships that teams are nominating two teams per category, for example last year Czech Rep. and Canada each had two teams at the U16 category.

One thing is certain, that Žilina will see the best of junior ball-hockey in the world!

So, ball-hockey fans, don't forget to come to Žilina at the beginning of summer to enjoy the excellent and dynamic ball-hockey and cheer up for your country!

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