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5. 4. 2024 - Pavol Humeník

There is no doubt that the most successful country in the U16 category is Canada

The 10th World Championships in the U16 category will take place in Žilina on July 4-7, 2024.

Six times was held in the Czech Republic. This year will be third times held by Slovakia and one championship took place in Great Britain.

The most successful country in this category is Canada, they won the gold medal five times. Czech Republic won twice, as did Slovakia.

The number of medals position, first place is Canada together with the Czech Republic each won 9 medals, Slovakia seven medals and USA twice.

It’s interesting that the medals were distributed to only four countries in this category.

We will see what to expect from newcomer from Hungary, will they increase number of countries holding at least one medal in U16 category?

Only the tournament will answer that question.

Here is an overview of the U16 championships so far:

2008Zvolen (Slovakia)1. Canada 2. Czech Rep.3. Slovakia
2010Most (Czech Republic)1. Canada 2. Slovakia3. Czech Rep.
2012Písek (Czech Rep.)1. Slovakia2. Czech Rep.3. Canada
2014Bratislava (Slovakia)1. Slovakia2. Canada 3. Czech Rep.
2016Sheffield (Great Britain)1. Canada 2. Slovakia3. USA
2018Přerov/Zlín (Czech Rep.)1. Canada 2. Slovakia3. Czech Rep.
2019Česká Třebová (Czech Rep.)1. Canada West2. Canada East3. Czech Rep.
2022Pardubice (Czech Rep.)1. Czech Rep. Red2. Czech Rep. White3. Slovakia
2023Liberec (Czech Rep.)1. Czech Rep.2. Canada West3. USA

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