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26. 4. 2024 - Pavol Humeník

Will Canada return to gold positions?

The World Junior Championship is fast approaching as July 2024 is just around the corner. While in Europea, two and a half months before the championship, the team managers make the final decisions about the nomination, abroad, the rosters for the championship are already known and have been published for a long time.

Canada at the last World Championships held in 2023 in Liberec, won two medal positions in these categories. U16 they finished at 2nd, and U18 at 3rd positionin So they will have to defend these at this year Championship. But certainly the team management and the players themselves want something more to take from beautiful Slovak city, the most valuable medals.

Canada U16

Last year in Liberec, Canada had two teams in U16 category, This year they are coming with just one. It means that 44 players played there is narrowed down to just 22 players this year. Two players played last year will also play in this year Championship (forwards Jorday Flynn and Brandon Philpott).

Narrowing down the squad to 22 top players from across Canada will certainly benefit the team and its quality will increase tremendously. Therefore, we have no doubt that their goal is to bring gold medals to their home country. Because the best of the Canadian youth will surely come to Žilina.

Canada U18

The national team in the U18 category is defending its bronze from Liberec in Žilina, but at the previous ones they won gold twice. It is so obvious that Canada will come to Žilina with the goal not just bring home gold medal, but also to confirm that they are the most successful country in this age category.

In the U18 category, the Canadian selection should have five players who have already played at the championships last year. Two played for the U18s (defenders James Zazula and Brandon Osborne) and three for U16 (forwards Maxx Hamelin, Taylor Mackie, Jackson Lovett).

We can expect high quality matches from both Canadian teams, dynamics ferocity in every match. The participation of every hockey fan should be all the more motivating to see a quality ball-hockey that both Canadian teams will certainly offer in Žilina. Their goal will be definitely to succeed in every match, but that should be the goal of all the national teams. And that's every match should be dramatic and exciting.

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