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28. 4. 2024 - Pavol Humeník

The American national team will have the most experienced roster at the championship

The USA national team has also published the lists of players for the world championship a long time ago. USA defends the bronze in the U16 category, but after seeing the roster, we can say that the American national team will come to Žilina with a clear attack on much higher targets. Also in the U18 category they will have the most experienced team from all the national teams at the championship!


In their roster we can see up to five players from the previous championship. It is goalkeeper (Collin Moffett), three defenders (Anthony Bonari, Caleb Horner, Jacob Simon) and one forward (Joey Moore).

The experience of this quintet of players will definitely help the team. After all, every player who has already played at the World Championships remembers very well what is important and what in the championship matches are to be avoided, he notices the game systems and the hardness of the opponents, but also what is the trend of the referees and which details decide matches. That is why the USA team will be different from last year definitely stronger and we can expect their attack for a medal position again.

The USA national team has already the bronze medal from Liberec, but this time its management would definitely like to go even further…


It is the most loaded representation with players who also played at the World Championship a year ago in the Czech Republic, USA in the U18 category has up to 15 players played in Liberec! Because of this experience they are a big aspirants not only for medal positions, but also for the finals.

Having 15 players who have already experienced the atmosphere of the World Cup is quite a huge benefit.

It means that two-thirds of the players from the entire roster have already played at the World Cup. Overall 9 players played in the U18 category (goalie Chase Bergeron, defenders Josh Morin, Drake Manning-Almeida, Zach Warner-Senee, forwards Jacob Battista, Sab DiBenedetto, Leo Impagliazzo, Louis O'Connor, Cohen Nackrelli) and 6 players played in the U16 category (defenders Nathan Zevola, Domenic Rennebeck, Joe Robb and forwards John Nikolajski, Hunter Lammi and Mike Joyce).

It is a clear sign that the American team will not want to return from Žilina in this one category without medals. The experience of the players of the American national team is obvious, and we are very curious if they can translate these experiences into championship matches and be successful in them.

It is a beautiful invitation for the matches of the American national team, because of the quality in them, matches will definitely be at the highest level. One thing is certain, that quality will arrive in Žilina, overseas ball-hockey players of both categories. We have so much to look forward to, because we will definitely see an amazing ball-hockey show. Come see for yourself!

The championship will take place on July 4-7, 2024 in Slovakia, in the city of Žilina.

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