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14. 1. 2024 - Michal Runák

Welcome to Žilina!

The organizers of the World Junior Championship chose Žilina as the venue for the championship mainly because of its diversity and cultural heritage.

Žilina is a regional and district town in northern Slovakia. It lies at the confluence of the Váh, Kysuca and Rajčanka rivers. Žilina is the fourth largest city in Slovakia in terms of population. It is the administrative, economic, transport and cultural center of northwestern Slovakia, sometimes called the "Pearl on the Scales".

The city is not only the center of automobile production (KIA Motors), but together with the Horné Považie region it is also an interesting tourist destination. The University of Žilina and, since 2008, the Diocese of Žilina are based here. Interest in the city as a center for seminar and conference tourism is growing more and more.
The first mention of the territory of today's Žilina comes from 1208 and is mentioned under the name "terra de Selinan" (the land of Žilina). In 1321, King Charles I. Robert of Anjou granted economic privileges to the city. The charter of King Louis I the Great from 1381 "Privilegium pro Slavis Solnensis" belongs to the very valuable monuments of Slovak national history. This privilege was supposed to ensure equal representation in the city council for the Slovak townspeople in Žilina, who, due to their numerical superiority in the city, had disputes with the German part of the population, so that they could equally participate in the city council. An important archival, legal and linguistic document of European importance is also the Žilina Book, the origins of which date back to 1378. Historians consider the unique book an extremely valuable written monument, which contains the oldest book entry in the Slovak language on the territory of Slovakia. Its economic boom occurred at the end of the 19th century as a result of the construction of the Košice-Bohumín Railway and the Žilina - Bratislava and Žilina - Rajec railway lines. The city became an important transport hub and gained a fundamental impetus for industrial development and rapid population growth. Further development of the city continued after 1990.
The monuments in the historic center of the city are part of the monument reserve. Baroque Church of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle with two towers and the Capuchin Monastery from the middle of the 18th century are located on the square Mariánské náměstí with typical arcades. The old town hall in the corner of the square has undergone several construction modifications, while its current appearance dates from 1890. The Church of the Holy Trinity (Cathedral) was built around 1400 on the site where the castle stood in the 13th century. The nearby Burian tower is one of the oldest Renaissance bell towers in Slovakia. It stands alone and looks like Italian city bell towers (so-called campanillas). The interior of the tower is accessible to tourists during tours organized by TIK of the city of Žilina.
Church of St. Štefana krága in the local part of Dolná Rudiny is the oldest preserved architectural monument in the territory of Žilina. Experts date the origin of this late Romanesque church to the 13th century. Its interior decoration is particularly valuable. Budatín Castle dominates the northern edge of Žilina. Since 1996, the area has been undergoing extensive reconstruction. Currently, the castle is not open to the public. The conference hall and exhibition spaces in the castle courtyard are open to the public. The unique exhibition of tinsmithing is relocated and made available to the public in the exhibition spaces of the Považ Art Gallery.
City tours with a guide are offered all year round by the Tourist Information Office of Žilina. Tourists can get to know the most attractive places in the center on the following tours:
  • Historic Žilina - an unconventional history lesson with the author of the first Slovak history of the city of Žilina, Alexander Lombardini
  • A fabulous tour of the city for children and adults - known historical facts, but also unconfirmed assumptions and rumors
  • Židovská Žilina - Story about the history of Jews in Žilina and the impact on the face of the city
  • Functionalist Žilina - tour route for fans of the architecture of the first half of the 20th century
  • Mysterious night tour of the city - rumours, legends and mysterious creatures come to life by the light of lanterns

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